Middle East conflict: Army: hostage body recovered near Shifa clinic

Middle East conflict: Army: hostage body recovered near Shifa clinic

Israel has come under international criticism for its use in the clinic. Now soldiers find the body of a woman kidnapped from Israel in the neighborhood.

The Israeli armed forces say they have recovered the body of a hostage from a building next door to Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. According to military information, the person was murdered by Hamas terrorists. The armed forces did not reach the woman in time, said army spokesman Daniel Hagari. He did not say exactly how the kidnappers killed her.

The woman’s body was reportedly brought to Israel and identified there. She was kidnapped from the Israeli border town of Beeri on October 7th during the Hamas massacre.

According to Israeli media, it is now too late for her family, her daughter said. But so that the other hostages do not suffer a similar fate, they must now be brought home, she demanded.

Dead woman is 65 years old

In the building where armed forces discovered the body, they also reportedly found military equipment such as Kalashnikov submachine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The army informed the family of the dead on Thursday. According to Israeli media, she is 65 years old and was being treated for breast cancer before her abduction. According to reports, her husband was found in the shelter of their house after the massacre. The two therefore have five children.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the army had found the woman’s body on Wednesday. The kidnappers probably fled the scene before the soldiers arrived, the report said, citing the military.

Israel’s army is currently with emergency services in the largest clinic in the Gaza Strip. Soldiers found command centers there, a military official said. Hundreds of patients and employees are still there.

Tel Aviv is accused of war crimes

Israel has come under international criticism for its operations at the Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital complex in the Gaza Strip. Some states accuse the country of war crimes. According to international humanitarian law, attacks on civilian targets such as hospitals are prohibited. However, according to international law experts, if civilian objects are misused for military purposes, this no longer necessarily applies.

Terrorists from the Islamist Hamas and other groups crossed the border into Israel on October 7th in an unprecedented surprise attack and killed around 1,200 people there. They murdered through Israeli towns in the border area and attacked a music festival. Around 240 people were abducted to the Gaza Strip and held hostage there.

Source: Stern

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