George Santos should now leave for good – Republicans want to throw out “terrible liar”.

George Santos should now leave for good – Republicans want to throw out “terrible liar”.

Even the most escapade-tolerant Republicans have had enough: The US Parliament’s Ethics Commission has given George Santos a devastating report card and is now finally trying to get rid of its scandalous representative.

The question of the top candidate has not yet been decided, but it has been decided. The polls don’t look bad either – both for the White House and the Senate. And best of all: your natural opponent, Joe Biden, US President, is now being questioned by his own people. One year before the next presidential election, the US canrepublican give legitimate hope for their big comeback in Washington. Nevertheless, the conservatives’ nerves are on edge; the only thing that is great at the moment in the “Grand Old Party” is mutual distrust.

Former number three in the USA is complaining

Just a few days ago, in the hallways of the US Congress, Representatives Tim Burchett and Kevin McCarthy. The latter, until recently the speaker of parliament and therefore number three in the US hierarchy, is said to have elbowed the former in the kidneys as he passed by. Meanwhile, a few doors away, Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin had almost taken off his wedding ring in order to “bring an adult-like conclusion” to a dispute with union boss Sean M. O’Brien. But the suggested fight didn’t happen.

And then there is Rep. George Santos. Nobody wants to put their elbow in him, but his antics are too much for even the most escapade-tolerant Republicans. Santos, 35 years old and a parliamentarian in the House of Representatives since the beginning of 2023, was making headlines even before he began his duties almost consistently provided false information about his life, finances and career. He even admitted to the cameras that he was a “terrible liar.” But that was it. The criminal allegations against him, including check fraud and embezzlement of donations, were all “a disgusting politicized slander,” as he now complained.

“Blatantly” “stolen” from the campaign coffers

occasion of his , is a report from the Ethics Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. In it, the MPs support the allegations against Santos with “substantial evidence”. Because he may have committed a federal offense, the committee recommends that the case be referred to the responsible Ministry of Justice. In the United States, the government agency is also the chief prosecutor. In addition, investigations are already underway against Santos on almost three dozen counts, including serious identity theft.

He “brazenly” “stole” from his campaign funds, the commission continued. Among other things, he is said to have spent campaign funds on the purchase of luxury items from the Hermès fashion house, on visits to casinos, weekend trips and Botox treatments.

But none of this bothers the young politician: “Everyone who was involved in this serious miscarriage of justice should be ashamed,” he writes, indirectly confirming the ethics committee’s verdict. Because it says: The MP’s lack of honesty was “worrying” and that he had tried to “blame others for much of the misconduct.” The politician had “severely brought the House of Representatives into disrepute” with his behavior. But the MPs themselves don’t see it that narrowly. Just two weeks ago it was his exclusion from parliament was rejected by 213 votes to 179.

George Santos – Winner in Democrat Land

The support of the fallen New Yorker was primarily due to the pure retention of power. Although the Republicans have the majority in the House of Representatives, they only have a razor-thin majority of four seats. Every woman and every man is needed, no matter how dubious they may be. Especially since Santo’s constituency in northwest Long Island is usually in the hands of the Democrats – a new election is unlikely to be in favor of the Republicans. It remains unclear when and whether New Yorkers will go to the polls again. George Santos has now announced that he does not want to run for re-election, but he wants to remain a member of parliament. For now.

The case of the “hilarious and stupidest imposter of all time,” as the left-wing portal “The Daily Beast” called him, is developing even more absurd branches. A Santos fundraiser has now pleaded guilty to impersonating Kevin McCarthy’s chief of staff. This is the one with the elbow check. Samuel Miele is accused of collecting campaign funds on behalf of McCarthy. Santos had previously had confidants Nancy Marks have to admit to being involved in a series of fraud attempts.

New attempt for Santos expulsion

Because Santos is willing to keep his House of Representatives seat until the end of the legislative period in January 2025, a party colleague is now making another attempt to throw him out of parliament. Michael Guest, chair of the Ethics Committee, writes in his new motion that Santos is unfit to serve as a deputy given his “outrageous” behavior and calls on colleagues to vote for his expulsion. When exactly and whether that will happen is unclear. The corresponding meeting will probably take place around Thanksgiving at the end of November. If Santos has to leave, he would be only the sixth representative in US history to be expelled from the legislative chamber.

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