Crime: Three arrests after attack on right-wing politician in Spain

Crime: Three arrests after attack on right-wing politician in Spain

The 78-year-old co-founder of the Vox party and former MEP was gunned down on the street in Madrid. The first suspects have now been arrested.

A week and a half after the attack on the politician and co-founder of the right-wing populist Vox, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, three suspects were arrested in Spain.

Two arrests were made in Granada and the third in Málaga, state television broadcaster RTVE and other media reported, citing the police. The authorities confirmed this information upon request. The alleged perpetrator, who according to eyewitnesses escaped on a motorcycle, was not among those arrested, it was said. The search for him continues. The 78-year-old Vidal-Quadras was gunned down on the street in Madrid on November 9th.

Shot in the face by an unknown person

Because of the possibility of a terrorist attack, the State Court in Madrid has now taken over the investigation. After initial treatment in hospital, Vidal-Quadras suggested that the attack could be related to his ties to the Iranian opposition. The former EU MP, who is also a strong critic of his country’s left-wing government, was shot in the face by an unknown person.

According to new consistent media reports, the people arrested on Tuesday night were two men and a woman. All three are Spanish citizens, it was said. Initially there was talk of two women. One of the men is connected to the motorcycle on which the perpetrator fled, according to RTVE.

Before founding the right-wing populist Vox at the end of 2013, Vidal-Quadras was a long-time member of the conservative People’s Party PP and at times its leader in Catalonia. Between 1999 and 2014, as a PP politician, he was a member of the EU Parliament and vice-president.

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