Study: Only a third are women in political decision-making positions

Study: Only a third are women in political decision-making positions

Women in the minority: According to a recent study, politics in Germany is dominated by men. Only around a third of the positions examined are filled by women.

The Quadriga University and the magazine “Politics and Communication” initiated an investigation that is available to the German Press Agency in Berlin. According to the information, 33.9 percent of the so-called decision-making positions in Germany are women. The areas analyzed in the survey include not only politicians themselves, but also, for example, leadership positions in political journalism, in business associations, trade unions and charities.

The study examined federal politics with governments and parliaments as well as party committees and parliamentary group leaders. In addition, those responsible for the most important business associations, NGOs and trade unions, the senior political and capital city editors of high-reach media, the leading figures in Berlin public affairs agencies, as well as the decision-makers in the Berlin capital representative offices of large companies and the most important subordinate federal authorities were analyzed.

Very low proportion of women, especially in business

According to the study, the proportion of women is highest in the field of political journalism. 42.2 percent of the political leaders and editorial heads of the 30 media outlets with the highest reach are women. The proportion is significantly lower at 21.4 percent among the heads of the 100 most important business associations.

Women are also lagging behind in politics itself. For example, only 35.2 percent of members of the Bundestag are women. There are big differences between the individual parties. While the Green Party’s parliamentary group is dominated by women (59.3 percent), the proportion in the AfD is only 11.5 percent. Women are also clearly in the minority in the CDU/CSU parliamentary group with 23.9 percent and in the FDP with just over 26 percent.

Source: Stern

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