NATO meeting in Brussels: Baerbock concerned about dwindling attention to Ukraine

NATO meeting in Brussels: Baerbock concerned about dwindling attention to Ukraine

Images from Israel and the Gaza Strip are currently dominating news programs in the media. Could this become a problem for Ukraine, which is being attacked by Russia?

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has warned of decreasing attention to the war in Ukraine and called for additional international efforts to create a winter protection umbrella.

“We are experiencing that the view of Ukraine is currently disappearing from the public, and that is fatal,” said the Green Party politician on the sidelines of a NATO meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Brussels. Russia’s recent attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine have been harsher than ever before in the war. That’s why you have to look closely and put up a winter protection umbrella.

Attacks on the power supply

Anyone who attacks the power supply and distribution networks in winter when temperatures are below zero is betting that the electricity for water supply and heat supply will no longer be available, said Baerbock about the latest Russian attacks. The aim is that people freeze to death or die of thirst in winter because the water supply no longer works.

Baerbock cited the delivery of Patriot anti-aircraft systems and power generators as examples of German contributions to protecting Ukrainians in winter. But broad participation is necessary. “I once again call on the world to do everything we can to put together this winter protection umbrella for Ukraine,” she said.

For the first time at the foreign minister level

Wednesday’s discussions in Brussels were organized for the first time at foreign minister level in the format of the new NATO-Ukraine Council. The body is intended to enable closer cooperation until the conditions for Ukraine to join NATO are met. The NATO-Ukraine Council met for the first time at the level of heads of state and government in July at the NATO summit in Lithuania. There has also been one meeting at the level of defense ministers and several at the level of NATO ambassadors.

Baerbock said on the sidelines of the meeting that Ukraine’s future lies in the European Union and NATO. The aim of the NATO-Ukraine Council is to accompany the country on its way to becoming a defense alliance and at the same time create “a real driving force for Ukraine’s security”. In concrete terms, this also means tackling necessary reforms of the Ukrainian armed forces and standard adjustments together. Germany is providing a further 11.5 million euros for a NATO funding pot.

Source: Stern

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