Henry Kissinger: This is how politicians from all over the world react to his death

Henry Kissinger: This is how politicians from all over the world react to his death

He was one of the most influential diplomats of the 20th century: Henry Kissinger has died at the age of 100. Politicians from all over the world pay tribute to him and his life’s work.

To Henry Kissinger Opinions differed until the end. For some, the former US Secretary of State with his Franconian-tinged English was one of the most brilliant strategic minds of the 20th century. The others looked in Kissinger a cynical power tactician who ruthlessly enforced US interests while disregarding human rights. However, admirers and critics of the diplomatic legend, who died on Wednesday at the age of 100, agreed on one thing: Kissinger had a huge influence on international politics.

After his death, heads of state and government from all over the world came forward with tributes and condolences. An overview.

Politicians from all over the world pay tribute to Henry Kissinger after his death

One of the first to speak out publicly after Kissinger’s death was former US President George W. Bush. “With the death of Henry Kissinger, America has lost one of the most reliable and distinctive voices on foreign policy issues,” Bush said in Dallas on Wednesday. Kissinger worked in the administrations of two US presidents and advised many others, wrote Bush, who was also advised by Kissinger. “I am grateful for this service and advice, but I am most grateful for his friendship.”

Words of praise also come from former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Kissinger left an indelible mark on American and world history. “I will always be grateful for his kind advice and help during my time as Minister,” (formerly Twitter).

Old acquaintances: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (r.) side by side with former US President George W. Bush

Russian President Vladimir Putin also remembered Kissinger as an “outstanding diplomat.” “A wise and far-sighted statesman who enjoyed well-deserved respect around the world for decades has died,” Putin wrote to Kissinger’s widow Nancy in a telegram released by the Kremlin. Kissinger’s name stands for a “pragmatic foreign policy line” in the 1970s that made important US-Soviet agreements possible, the Kremlin chief added. He himself often spoke to the former diplomat.

China refers to the late former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as a “good old friend of the Chinese people”. He was a pioneer and builder of relations between the USA and China, said Foreign Office spokesman Wang Wenbin in Beijing. State and party leader Xi Jinping sent US President Joe Biden a letter of condolence. “He will always remain alive in the hearts of the people of China as a treasured old friend,” .

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen : “Henry Kissinger’s diplomatic strategy and excellence shaped world politics throughout the 20th century. His influence and legacy will continue to resonate well into the 21st century.”

British Foreign Minister David Cameron also commented on the news of his death. Only a few months ago he spoke to Kissinger about the Russian war against Ukraine, Iran and new challenges from Russia and China, the former prime minister wrote on X. “Even at 100, his wisdom and thoughtfulness shone through.” He will be missed on the world stage.

Words of praise also from Germany

Chancellor Olaf Scholz particularly emphasized Kissinger’s importance for relations between Germany and the USA. “Henry Kissinger shaped American foreign policy like few others,” the SPD politician wrote on X. “His commitment to the transatlantic friendship between the USA and Germany was significant.” Kissinger, who was born in Franconia in 1923, always remained close to his German homeland, added Scholz. “The world is losing a special diplomat.”

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also paid tribute to Kissinger’s achievements on the post-war world stage. “With Henry Kissinger, we are losing an impressive man with an incredible life story: the contemporary witness of a century, the driving intellectual force of US foreign policy for many decades, the guardian of transatlantic relations,” wrote Steinmeier in a press release, praising, among other things, Kissinger’s clear language and fearless diplomacy. With his détente and disarmament policy, the German-American laid “the foundation for the end of the Cold War and for democratic change in Eastern Europe.” Steinmeier called it a very special honor to call Kissinger a friend. “With your husband we are losing a great fighter for freedom and democracy,” the Federal President wrote to Kissinger’s wife, Nancy Sharon Kissinger, and her family.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock praised the former US Secretary of State as a “figure of the century in international politics.” “For many he was a role model. Others also rubbed against him,” . “What will remain above all is his greatness in reaching out to our country after the Second World War and being bound in friendship until the end,” added Baerbock.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said Bavaria was mourning the loss of Kissinger, an important statesman “who was able to convince people with his foresight and great analytical acumen.” Kissinger was one of the most influential foreign policy observers and thinkers. “Not all of his positions were uncontroversial. But he was one of the most important and cleverest foreign policymakers of the last century.” Söder also underlined the former politician’s Bavarian origins: “He was connected to Bavaria, Franconia, Fürth and his old homeland and Jewish life until the end.” He is pleased to have had the opportunity several times to “experience this impressive personality up close.” They last met each other in the summer of this year on the occasion of Kissinger’s 100th birthday.

Note: This article will be continually updated with reactions.

Further sources: Twitter, with AP

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