George Santos: Republican kicked out of US House of Representatives

George Santos: Republican kicked out of US House of Representatives

It’s an end with an announcement: After George Santos slipped from one scandal to the next for months, the House of Representatives has now pulled the ripcord. The Republican representative from New York is no longer a member of the US Congress.

The baron of lies is thrown out of Congress: The US House of Representatives has thrown out the scandal-ridden MP George Santos, who was accused of fraud. The Chamber of Congress voted on Friday with a broad bipartisan majority to expel the 35-year-old Republican, who has made headlines with numerous lies about his resume. Santos is only the sixth lawmaker in U.S. history to be expelled from the House of Representatives.

Two weeks after a damning House Ethics Committee report on Santos, 311 Republican and Democratic lawmakers voted to expel him. 114 MPs voted against it. The two-thirds majority required to expel Santos, who had only been a member of the House of Representatives since the beginning of the year, was clearly achieved.

Out for George Santos: “He invented his whole life”

During the parliamentary debate before the vote, the New York MP was sharply attacked by party colleagues. “You’re a crook,” said Republican Rep. Max Miller. Republican Marc Molinaro said Santos was “disconnected from reality. He made up his whole life.” Rep. Anthony D’Esposito called Santos a “liar.”

At the beginning of November, an application to have Santos expelled failed. The ethics committee’s investigation report has now caused many MPs to change their attitude.

The report, published in mid-November, said there was “sufficient evidence” that Santos violated criminal law and other rules. “Representative Santos has fraudulently attempted to exploit every aspect of his candidacy for the House of Representatives for his own personal financial gain.”

Santos “brazenly” “stole” from his campaign coffers. The politician with Brazilian roots is said to have spent, among other things, campaign funds on the purchase of luxury items from the fashion house Hermès, on visits to casinos, weekend trips, Botox treatments and the OnlyFans online platform, which is known for erotic photos and videos.

One scandal followed the next

Santos was elected to the House of Representatives for a New York constituency in last year’s midterm elections. As a result, there were ever new revelations about the politician’s sometimes outrageous false statements about, among other things, his university education, his career path, his family and his religion. Santos claimed to have a degree from an elite university and a successful collegiate volleyball career and falsely claimed to have worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs and the banking group Citigroup.

In May, Santos was indicted by the federal judiciary on charges including fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and making false statements to the House of Representatives. In October, the charges were expanded to include identity theft in connection with the theft of campaign funds. The deputy pleaded not guilty in court.

Santos has always rejected calls for his resignation. After the ethics committee’s investigation report was published, he announced that he would not run again in the congressional elections in November 2024. The day before his expulsion, the 35-year-old said in a combative press conference that he was the victim of “bullying” by other MPs.

With the expulsion of the scandalous MP, an early election will have to decide on the allocation of the vacant mandate. That gives President Joe Biden’s Democrats a chance to win the seat. That would further reduce the narrow majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

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