Markus Söder wants to completely overhaul citizens’ money and attacks traffic lights

Markus Söder wants to completely overhaul citizens’ money and attacks traffic lights

Will the citizen’s money plans tip the traffic light? In the star Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder is calling for the increase to be postponed and announces a Federal Council initiative to fundamentally reorganize social benefits.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to fundamentally readjust citizens’ money with a Federal Council initiative and is also calling on the federal government to postpone the planned increase. “The traffic light must postpone the increase planned for January by a year and start it again completely,” said Söder star. “The benefit must be separated from escape and asylum. More motivation is needed to go to work. That’s why we will introduce an initiative in the Federal Council to completely overhaul citizens’ money. Because the balance between support and demand is not right.”

Even before the introduction of citizens’ money, the Union-led states had intervened through the Federal Council, emphasized Söder. “We made improvements back then, for example when it came to the question of sanctions. But the citizens’ money did not pass the practical test. The overall level is too high. Anyone who works must clearly receive more than someone who does not work. That is why we need changes.”

Söder continued: “The expensive citizens’ money creates completely wrong incentives. It won’t work that way.”

Markus Söder: “We have to change course for all new cases”

With Söder’s statements, the debate about citizens’ money is coming to a head. Recently there were also calls from the FDP to forego the planned increase.

Söder also called for a stop to citizen’s benefit payments to newly arriving Ukrainian refugees. “It would not be legal to delete something retroactively. But we have to change course for all new cases,” said the CSU politician. “And for everyone else who comes to us, social benefits should only be available after five years instead of after 18 months.” The subsistence level will not be shaken, said Söder. “But in Bavaria, for example, we will process the benefits for asylum seekers using payment cards for clothing and food instead of cash. This will also reduce incentives. And we will have to soberly examine whether our constitution still corresponds to reality in every respect when it comes to the basic right to asylum. “

Around 700,000 Ukrainians have so far received citizen’s benefit. CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann also called for this practice to be reviewed this week. There is no new positioning in the traffic lights yet.

Source: Stern

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