Travel advisory: Israel increases danger level for Germany

Travel advisory: Israel increases danger level for Germany

Israel has issued new travel warnings for its citizens. The danger level for Germany has been increased, the same applies to France and Great Britain. Arab countries should avoid Israelis altogether.

Israel has adjusted its travel advice and increased the danger level for Israeli citizens when traveling to Germany. The information for numerous other countries has also been adjusted and increased, Israel’s national security staff announced on Monday. The second of a total of five stages now applies to Germany, which calls on Israelis to exercise increased caution. In many countries there has been a significant increase in hate speech, attempted attacks and anti-Semitism, it said.

The National Security Staff said Iran and its allies were increasing efforts to attack Israeli and Jewish targets around the world. Israeli citizens should therefore choose their travel destinations carefully and take recommended precautionary measures. Since the beginning of the Gaza war, situation assessments have been carried out regularly. Due to the increased threat situation, the danger levels have now been adjusted accordingly.

Israel warns its citizens: no travel to Arab countries

The precautionary measures include completely postponing trips to Arab countries. Israelis should therefore avoid openly showing their Israeli and Jewish identity through appropriate symbols. In Western Europe, in addition to Germany, the danger level has also been increased for Great Britain and France.

After Hamas’ attack on Israel and the start of the Gaza war, reporting centers in Germany documented an increase in anti-Semitic incidents. According to the Anti-Semitism Research and Information Center (Rias), many Jews experience anti-Semitic incidents in everyday life and feel unsafe.

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