Boris Pistorius is surprised by his continued popularity

Boris Pistorius is surprised by his continued popularity

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has been the country’s most popular politician for months. He himself didn’t expect that – and… star Clear: He no longer has any other ambitions.

Despite his continued popularity, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) is no longer seeking any other office. “For me this is not a stepping stone to higher tasks,” Pistorius told the star. It is an advantage to have joined the military department at the age of almost 63. He doesn’t have to “take tactics or avoid sensitive issues out of consideration for my career.” Pistorius said it wasn’t an easy position: “And yet I have it easier than others because I don’t have the baggage of further ambitions to carry around with me.”

Pistorius is surprised at his consistently high approval ratings as the country’s most popular politician. “It surprised me,” said the SPD politician in the annual review interview. “I take it as a compliment and am happy about it.” But it is also clear that popularity ratings have changed again. “I have no illusions about that.”

Boris Pistorius uses a rowing machine

To compensate for stress, said Pistorius star-Interview, he rows on the same rowing machine as Frank Underwood in the series “House of Cards”: “It’s really great because it’s not as loud as the hydraulic rowing machines.”

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