FDP: Rebels warn Lindner against breaking his word on the debt brake

FDP: Rebels warn Lindner against breaking his word on the debt brake

The SPD is pushing for an exception to the debt brake in the budget dispute – and is thus exacerbating the conflict in the FDP. The traffic light rebels among the Liberals are sending party leader Christian Lindner to the party star a warning.

Shortly before crucial negotiations on the 2024 budget, traffic light opponents in the FDP party leader Christian Lindner are warning against giving in to Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the debt brake debate. “Complying with the debt brake for the 2024 budget is not negotiable. Falling over as an FDP would be unforgivable,” said the initiator of the member survey in the FPD, Matthias Nölke star.

Nölke called on party leader Lindner to leave the coalition if necessary. “If the quixotic decisions of the SPD party conference lead to a break in this unspeakable traffic light coalition because the FDP does not give in, this would certainly be honored by our voters.”

The background to Nölke’s intervention are statements made by Olaf Scholz at the SPD party conference in Berlin. During his appearance, the Chancellor rejected any cuts to the welfare state. At the same time, leading Social Democrats had called for the debt brake to be suspended again in 2024.

How does the FDP decide?

This brings the budget debate to a head on the question of whether the FDP is prepared to declare a budget emergency in the Bundestag in order to plug the budget hole. Lindner had previously rejected an exception to the debt brake but had not completely ruled it out. The Social Democrats are pushing for the exception to be made, citing the consequences of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

On Sunday, Scholz, Lindner and Green Party Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck will meet for the next round of negotiations in the Chancellery. In the SPD leadership there is a change star-Information expects that the talks will be concluded next week and finally discussed by a coalition committee.

Source: Stern

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