Middle East: Söder visits Israel: sign of solidarity

Middle East: Söder visits Israel: sign of solidarity

On Wednesday, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder is going to the Middle East. In Israel, among other things, he wants to visit a kibbutz that was attacked by Hamas during the war.

Almost two months after the Hamas terrorist attack and the associated start of the war, CSU leader Markus Söder wants to visit Israel next week. “We want to get an impression on site and also provide real support after the terrible terrorist attacks by Hamas,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister of the German Press Agency in Munich. On Wednesday, Söder wants to fly to Tel Aviv, accompanied by a small delegation, and then travel on to Jerusalem. He wants to be back in Bavaria on Friday.

“It is a conscious decision that the first trip abroad after my re-election is to Israel. This is personally close to my heart – and it is also Bavaria’s reason of state to show solidarity with Israel,” emphasized Söder. The trip should also clearly emphasize once again that Bavaria stands firmly on the side of Israel and Jewish life. “It was a wish from Israel that we come – and we are very happy to fulfill this. We are showing solidarity with the state, with the victims and are making a clear commitment with this trip.”

The State Chancellery cannot and does not want to publish details of the program for security reasons. “We will hold high-level political discussions and visit a kibbutz to see the extent of the destruction and exchange ideas with victims,” said Söder. Bavaria is providing not only verbal but also concrete help for a project to care for traumatized children and young people. He left open which politicians Söder wanted to meet, as well as the exact name of the kibbutz. Because of the uncertain war situation, the trip is subject to high security requirements. Although Söder has already been to Israel several times as a politician, the trip to the war zone is something special for him too.

In addition, Söder sees the trip as a clear signal against any form of hatred and hostility towards Jews: “We are committed to the fight against anti-Semitism. That is why we will conclude a new agreement with Yad Vashem to further improve the culture of remembrance.” The trip is a sign for the Jewish community in Bavaria and Germany as well as a message for the people in the State of Israel. Söder sees the Free State as having a special responsibility: “Since the Olympic attack in 1972, there has been a particularly close historical connection between Israel and Bavaria. We feel a special obligation to Jewish life with a promise of protection.”

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