Israel News: Baerbock warns – hunger in Gaza feeds terrorism

Israel News: Baerbock warns – hunger in Gaza feeds terrorism

According to information from Qatar, mediation efforts for a new ceasefire and the release of more hostages from the Gaza Strip are continuing. “Our efforts as the state of Qatar together with our partners continue. We will not give up,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani at the Doha Forum in the Qatari capital. He adds that the continuation of Israeli air strikes “reduces” the window of opportunity for a successful outcome.

Qatar was a key mediator in negotiations that led to a seven-day ceasefire in the Gaza war, the release of scores of hostages kidnapped by the Islamist Hamas, as well as Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons and humanitarian aid shipments to the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire expired on December 1st. “We will continue, we are committed to the release of the hostages, but we are also committed to ending the war,” al-Thani continued. But “we don’t see the same willingness from both parties,” he added.

Source: Stern

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