This is in the CDU’s new party program

This is in the CDU’s new party program

After the defeat in the 2021 federal election, the CDU gave itself a new party program – the 65,000 members were also allowed to have a say. The result contains some controversial claims.

A tougher course in migration policy, a mandatory “social year” to strengthen cohesion, the continued use of nuclear power: On Monday, the CDU presented the draft for its fourth basic program with which it would like to return to government responsibility in the federal government. In the draft, which was created over several years of work under the leadership of General Secretary Carsten Linnemann, the CDU defines itself as a “people’s party of the center and a party of the common good”.

The topics of integration and migration take up a lot of space in the draft program. The CDU calls for “the courage to adopt a leading culture”. “Only those who commit to our dominant culture can integrate and become German citizens,” the document says. The CDU’s core culture includes respect for the dignity of every single person, the rule of law, respect and tolerance, the “awareness of home and belonging” and the recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

Linnemann: “Shariah does not belong to Germany”

Regarding the approximately six million Muslims who live in Germany, the draft program says: “Muslims who share our values ​​belong to Germany.” Muslims must be supported in integrating into Germany. At the same time, the following also applies: “Islamist terrorism and political Islam are underestimated dangers.” It must be clear: “Shariah does not belong to Germany.”

In the proposal, the CDU also advocates asylum procedures in third countries. “Anyone who applies for asylum in Europe should be transferred to a safe third country and undergo a procedure there,” the document says. “In the event of a positive outcome, the safe third country will grant the applicant protection on site.” To do this, a “comprehensive contractual agreement” must be made with the third country.

CDU wants to go back to nuclear power

In order to strengthen social cohesion, the CDU is calling for the introduction of a compulsory social year for all school leavers. Such a “service for the common good” brings “people from different backgrounds, religions and generations together,” says the draft. The compulsory year should also “benefit our country’s armed forces”. The CDU is not calling for a reintroduction of compulsory military service – but there should be “no bans on thinking about the future”.

In energy policy, the CDU is calling for a U-turn on the nuclear phase-out. “We cannot do without the nuclear power option at this time,” the document says. We are addressing climate change with an open approach to technology and are relying on incentives. Energy must be “safe, clean and affordable”.

With the programmatic renewal, the Christian Democrats also want to learn a lesson from the defeat in the 2021 federal election – and position themselves for future government responsibility. The draft also included the results of a member survey, in which, according to the party, around 65,000 members took part.

Source: Stern

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