Poland: Parliament clears the way for Donald Tusk

Poland: Parliament clears the way for Donald Tusk

Poland’s parliament denies the right-wing nationalist government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki a majority. This clears the way for a change of government – and Donald Tusk will have his turn.

After eight years under the national-conservative PiS party in Poland, the way is clear for the pro-European former head of government Donald Tusk: The members of parliament in Warsaw nominated Tusk for the office of Prime Minister and tasked him with forming a government. They had previously rejected a new national-conservative government led by PiS in a vote of confidence.

“…so that everyone can feel at home in Poland”

“It is a great day for everyone who, over these long years, firmly believed that things would get better, that we would drive away the darkness,” Tusk said in Parliament. “From tomorrow we will be able to right all wrongs so that everyone can feel at home in Poland.”

Tusk is expected to present his government program in parliament on Tuesday and then face a vote of confidence. His cabinet could then be sworn in on Wednesday, meaning he could attend the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday as the new Polish prime minister. The expectations of the future pro-European government are enormous.

Conservative PiS has no chance

Poland’s incumbent Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had previously failed in parliament with his new cabinet, as expected. Only 190 of the 456 MPs present voted for Morawiecki’s national-conservative PiS government. 266 voted against. This means that the PiS is giving up power after eight years in power. The way is clear for a pro-European new government under the previous opposition leader Donald Tusk. As early as Monday evening, Parliament wanted to commission the former EU Council President to form a government.

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