Gaza war: UN experts: Israel uses hunger as a weapon

Gaza war: UN experts: Israel uses hunger as a weapon

The United Nations reports a dramatic supply situation that affects almost the entire population. There is talk of a “developing genocide.”

According to the United Nations, the entire population of the Gaza Strip is at imminent risk of famine.

The UN emergency agency OCHA again pointed out that 378,000 of the 2.2 million inhabitants of the Palestinian coastal strip were already suffering from a “catastrophic” lack of supplies. The rest of the population is affected by a food crisis.

A group of eight UN human rights experts accused Israel of using starvation as a war tactic and spoke of a “developing genocide.” “It is unprecedented to starve an entire civilian population so quickly and completely. Israel is destroying the food supply in Gaza and using food as a weapon against the Palestinian people,” they wrote in a statement.

The experts criticized Israel for destroying and blocking access to agricultural land and the sea. They pointed to reports that Israel had destroyed more than a fifth of the cultivated land in the Gaza Strip as part of its ground offensive against the Islamist Hamas. In addition, around 70 percent of the fishing fleet was destroyed. The experts called for unhindered access for humanitarian aid deliveries.

The eight independent experts were appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva as special rapporteurs on various topics. These include the right to food and health, as well as the situation in the Palestinian territories.

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