Weapons for Ukraine: SPD defense politician against Taurus delivery to Ukraine

Weapons for Ukraine: SPD defense politician against Taurus delivery to Ukraine

No possibility of reproducing these missiles: According to Johannes Arlts, Germany would lose its defense capability if it gave up its most modern weapons.

The SPD defense politician Johannes Arlt has spoken out against the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to the attacked Ukraine because he otherwise sees Germany’s defense capability at risk.

“I’m also talking about the fact that once we’ve handed them over, these Taurus are gone, these cruise missiles and at the moment we have no way of producing them again in a foreseeable period of time and of replenishing those in our stocks or of supplying more,” he told Deutschlandfunk.

The SPD politician pointed out difficulties in quickly increasing weapons production capacity in Germany. “But above all, I think that we really have the problem that we can no longer produce, that our industry is not yet in a position to produce significantly and that we are in a situation where the warehouses are really empty are.”

500 kilometer range

The Taurus is one of the Air Force’s most modern missiles. The weapons also find their target from great heights and distances with a range of 500 kilometers and can, for example, destroy bunkers. At the beginning of October, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) decided not to deliver any of these cruise missiles to Ukraine for the time being. The fear behind this was that Russian territory could also be hit. There are voices in the Greens and FDP factions who, like the Union, advocate for a supply of Taurus weapons. However, an application from the Union for a delivery was rejected in the Bundestag.

Source: Stern

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