Letter to Steinmeier: Police union criticizes Federal Police Commissioner

Letter to Steinmeier: Police union criticizes Federal Police Commissioner

The police union fears that the new position of Federal Police Commissioner could conflict with the separation of powers. Now she has written a letter to the Federal President.

The German Police Union (DPolG) has expressed constitutional concerns regarding the new federal police commissioner in a letter to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “There is still a fear that this law could affect the separation of powers enshrined in the Basic Law,” says the letter from the union’s deputy federal chairman, Heiko Teggatz, which is available to the dpa. The Federal President should therefore please examine the law in detail and, if necessary, not issue it.

The new office of police commissioner is intended to offer police officers and citizens a point of contact to report misconduct or possible structural grievances, according to the corresponding law, which was approved last Thursday with the votes of the traffic light coalition and the Left. The police commissioner is to be elected by the Bundestag shortly. According to reports, the Bavarian SPD MP Uli Grötsch, who worked as a police officer before his time in parliament, is intended for the office.

The responsibility of the Federal Police Commissioner is limited to the Federal Police, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the police at the German Bundestag. Otherwise, the federal states are responsible for the police. The Greens in particular have been campaigning for years for the creation of a federal police commissioner, analogous to the position of the military commissioner.

Criticism of the police commissioner: He is allowed to investigate independently

Unlike the police commissioners in Schleswig-Holstein or Brandenburg, who have more of a mediating role, the federal police commissioner at the Bundestag should be allowed to “investigate independently and in parallel with the judiciary, public prosecutors and authorities,” criticized Teggatz, who is also head of the DPolG federal police union is.

He referred to a statement from Stefanie Grünewald from the Hamburg Police Academy. She had complained that the new position should not be established with a simple law, but should be anchored in the Basic Law. She also criticized the job description and called for the “confrontational nature” to be “corrected in favor of a mediating and collaborative approach.”

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