BKA deployed at least three undercover investigators against a suspected terrorist group led by Prince Reuss

BKA deployed at least three undercover investigators against a suspected terrorist group led by Prince Reuss

They were supposed to collect information about weapons: At least three undercover investigators were deployed during the investigations against the Reichsbürger network around Prince Reuss. Your target: a former paratrooper.

In the final phase of the investigation against the Reichsbürger network surrounding the entrepreneur Heinrich XIII, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) Prince Reuss deployed at least three police officers as undercover investigators. This is proven by documents and operational reports provided by the star and RTL.

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe approved the operation on November 2, 2022, around a month before the nationwide raid against the group. According to the court’s decision, the BKA was allowed to employ undercover investigators on a total of nine suspects. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, all of them – except Prince Reuss – belong to the “military arm” of the alleged terrorist organization, which is said to have planned a coup.

Group around Prince Reuß: How the BGH justified the use of undercover investigators

The BGH justified its decision by saying that the undercover investigators were necessary to gain insight into the group’s “opinion-forming processes” and “concrete planning.” It is also “inevitable” in order to be able to collect information about the alleged ongoing procurement of weapons and ammunition.

The BKA and the investigating federal prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on the operation when asked. According to research by the star and RTL, the undercover investigators approached the former paratrooper from the Bundeswehr’s elite Special Forces Command (KSK), Peter Wörner. Among other things, one of the undercover investigators went on a six-hour hike in the Fichtelgebirge with Wörner on November 23, 2022. star-According to research, the encounter was documented by an audio recording. Wörner is said to have tried to recruit the police officer for the future new German army and to have revealed details about military procedures in the planned coup: the future commander, weapons storage locations and Wörner’s approach to police raids.

The research team on the Reich citizen complex: Vicky Bargel, David Holzapfel, Tina Kaiser, Birte Meier, Marc Neller, Uli Rauss, Oliver Schröm. Verification: Moritz Dickentmann, Hildegard Frilling, Tobias Hamelmann, Michael Lehmann-Morgenthal, Dirk Liedtke.

Transparency note: The star is part of RTL Deutschland.

Source: Stern

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