Tariffs: Doctors at university hospitals called on warning strike

Tariffs: Doctors at university hospitals called on warning strike

Cutting-edge research is carried out at the 23 university hospitals in Germany. However, from the perspective of the Marburger Bund union, the doctors employed here are paid too poorly by the states.

Due to a warning strike by doctors, restrictions are to be expected at the 23 university hospitals in Germany tomorrow. Several thousand doctors are expected at the central rally at 1 p.m. in Hanover, as the Marburger Bund doctors’ union announced in Berlin.

As a spokeswoman for the Marburg Federation of Lower Saxony said, the care of patients was secured despite the warning strike. The clinic management is obliged to ensure emergency staffing. However, non-urgent operations, for example, would have had to be postponed.

These are the demands

In three rounds of negotiations so far, the Marburg Federation and the Collective Bargaining Association of German States (TdL) had not reached an agreement. The union is demanding higher surcharges for regular work at night, on weekends and on public holidays for the more than 20,000 doctors at the state’s own university hospitals. She also advocates for a 12.5 percent increase in salary over a year. Shift and alternating shift work would have to be restricted.

“The states do not want to face the fact that university hospitals are falling further and further behind – in terms of medical salaries as well as working conditions,” said Andreas Botzlar, second chairman of the Marburger Bund federal association. Therefore, recruiting young talent will also become more difficult.

According to the Lower Saxony regional association, the basic salary for doctors at university hospitals is around 200 to 600 euros lower than at municipal hospitals with longer working hours. The TdL urgently needs to take countermeasures here so that cutting-edge medicine has a future, it was said.

Source: Stern

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