Agricultural diesel: Three federal states want to subsidize fuel for longer

Agricultural diesel: Three federal states want to subsidize fuel for longer

The federal and state governments no longer want to financially support agricultural diesel for farmers in 2026. But three countries are now campaigning for an extension.

Several federal states are calling for a longer period of time to reduce tax relief on agricultural diesel. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Saarland want to submit a corresponding motion for a resolution to the Federal Council on Friday, as the Ministry of Agriculture in Schwerin announced on Tuesday.

The legal regulation on the abolition of agricultural diesel tax advantages by 2026 itself does not require the approval of the Federal Council. However, the state chamber could still lodge an objection on Friday and call the mediation committee.

Farmer protests against subsidy cuts for agricultural diesel

Because of the planned gradual abolition of tax relief for agricultural diesel, farmers across the country have been taking to the streets for weeks. Despite the protests, the government coalition did not back down from these plans. However, she had quickly given up on any further plans. But farmers are not satisfied with this.

The three SPD-led federal states are calling for reliable and predictable framework conditions for a transformation process towards more climate neutrality. They also advocate that the renewable drive energy generated and used by the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries should be exempt from taxes and duties.

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