European elections: Criticism of Dava – what the New Party is all about

European elections: Criticism of Dava – what the New Party is all about

Dava is considered an offshoot of Erdogan’s AKP party. As a result, the newly founded party has attracted a lot of criticism – but wants to run for the European elections in June and the next federal election.

The super election year 2024 seems to be slowly becoming a super year for the founding of a party. In addition to the newly founded Values ​​Union (WU) and Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW), the Democratic Alliance for Diversity and Awakening (Dava) is now joining the party spectrum in Germany. According to the Dava press release, “in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament in 2024,” we want to “send high-profile candidates into the race.” So what’s the deal with Dava?

The author of the announcement on the founding of the party is Mehmet Teyfik Oezcan. According to the broadcaster TRTdeutsch, he has previously worked as a journalist with a focus on “racism, Islamophobia, right-wing radicalism” and “German-Turkish relations in Germany”. Oezcan is responsible as chairman of Dava.

Dava nominates top candidates for European elections

Places one to three on the list for the European elections were filled with a lawyer and two doctors. Lawyer Fatih Zingal was a former SPD member. The Hamburg-based family doctor Mustafa Yoldaş is considered a prominent member of the Islamic community Millî Görüş in Germany. His running mate in second place on the list of candidates, Ali Ihsan Ünlü, is the former secretary general of the Islamic association Ditib.

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When the planned list became known, voices quickly became loud that Dava was actually founded less “with a clear commitment to diversity and tolerance” and was less opposed “to nationalism, xenophobia, anti-Muslim racism and anti-Semitism.” Rather, it should primarily represent the interests of Turkish President Erdoğan in the European Parliament. “Erdoğan has long pursued the goal of getting political actors loyal to the AKP into parliaments in Europe. The European elections are particularly attractive because there is a realistic chance of winning at least some seats in parliament. DAVA is clearly an AKP offshoot and the latest instrument of Turkish influence in Europe,” said Eren Güvercin, deputy federal chairman of the FDP-affiliated Liberal Diversity Association, in an interview with the “Frankfurter Rundschau” as an example for many critics.

CDU politician Christoph de Vries also doubts the independence of the Dava and, in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, demanded “that our security authorities closely monitor all activities of this party and its connections to the Turkish government and intervene if it happens a direct influence of the Turkish government.”

No serious information can currently be given about Dava’s vote potential. According to the Statista portal, around two and a half million eligible voters with a Turkish migration background currently live in Germany.

Federal elections are also a goal

In contrast to state or federal elections, there will be no threshold clause for the European elections in Germany on June 9, 2024. If the Bundestag decides on it, this could only apply to the subsequent elections in 2029 at the earliest.

Dava is also aiming to take part in the federal election next year. “We first want to concentrate on the European elections and see to what extent we can mobilize our potential voters,” Oezcan told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND) on Thursday. “We then want to establish ourselves nationwide. We are currently assuming that we will run in the federal election next year.”

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