Great-niece of Nazi criminal Göring warns against AfD

Great-niece of Nazi criminal Göring warns against AfD

The Nazi criminal Hermann Göring was her great-uncle – Bettina Göring realized what that meant at the age of eleven. She writes about it in a new book. And warns about the parallels she sees in the current German party landscape.

Bettina Göring, the great-niece of the Nazi criminal Hermann Göring, warns urgently against the AfD and sees parallels to the Weimar Republic: “I see the same playbook. Everything is brought back out again. And this final solution, i.e. these guys who want to throw everyone out: That’s exactly how it started “That’s what the Nazis did,” she says in the podcast “Die Wochentester” in an interview with Wolfgang Bosbach and Christian Rach.

“At the moment it’s the Africans they want to throw out. Then the Muslims. The Jews will definitely come too. Or maybe the gays and lesbians.” Göring, who has just published her book “The Good Uncle. My Damned German Heritage”, also calls for more tact in dealing with AfD voters: “If you say: You are the Nazis, you are the devils, you will come nowhere.”

“I’m happy to see so many people standing up”

But Göring also has hope because hundreds of thousands are currently taking to the streets and demonstrating against right-wing extremism: “I’m happy to see that so many people are standing up. It seems like something bad has to happen before people wake up.”

Göring’s statements can be heard in the podcast “Bosbach & Rach – Die Wochentester” with Wolfgang Bosbach and Christian Rach.

Source: Stern

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