Ukraine War: Baby dies in rocket attack on hotel in Kharkiv

Ukraine War: Baby dies in rocket attack on hotel in Kharkiv

Russia continued its attacks on neighboring Ukraine during the night. An infant was killed in the shelling of the Kharkiv region.

A two-month-old baby was killed in a Russian missile attack on a hotel in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, according to official reports.

“Three women, 21, 28 and 39 years old, were hospitalized with blast and shrapnel injuries, including the mother of the child who was killed,” the military governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleh Synyehubov, said on his Telegram channel. The three-story building in the Zolochiv settlement collapsed as a result of the hit. Synjehubov spoke of “another terrorist attack against civilians.”

The town northwest of Kharkiv is said to have been shelled with repurposed S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Russia regularly uses these missiles to fire at ground targets in its war of aggression against Ukraine. The Kharkiv region, which borders Russia, is one of the worst-hit regions in Ukraine by the war.

Synjehubov reported artillery and grenade launcher attacks on 20 other towns in the area. There were also air strikes. The places mentioned by Synjehubov in this context are in the Kupyansk district, where the Russian troops are advancing from the east. The Ukrainian army liberated the strategically important railway junction on the banks of the Oskil River as part of its counteroffensive in autumn 2022. Now the Russian forces want to recapture Kupyansk.

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