Parties: CSU general secretary against black-green | STERN.de

Parties: CSU general secretary against black-green |  STERN.de

The CDU is currently by far the strongest force in surveys. Friedrich Merz is thinking about an alliance with the Greens. CSU General Secretary Martin Huber considers this to be impossible.

After statements by CDU leader Friedrich Merz about future coalition options at the federal level, including with the Greens, the sister party CSU is speaking out against such an alliance. “Black-green is not a model for the future,” said CSU general secretary Martin Huber to the editorial network Germany (RND). “With their policy of ideological paternalism, the Greens are primarily responsible for the bad mood in the country.” In contrast, Huber said that the CSU stood for a “politics of the reality of life”. “The CSU and the Greens simply don’t fit together.”

At the weekend, CDU leader Friedrich Merz wrote in an email to supporters about future coalition options for the Union, which is currently by far the strongest force in surveys. He named the SPD and the Greens as possible partners if an alliance with the FDP was not enough. “Not a particularly tempting prospect, but there must be a majority capable of governing,” he wrote.

Merz also argued with the example of Hesse, where Prime Minister Boris Rhein, as the election winner, conducted explorations with the SPD and the Greens and then decided on the Social Democrats as a coalition partner. “If the Hessian CDU had ruled out a coalition with the Greens from the outset – as many members and voters demanded – this exploration of the best success in the interest of the CDU would not have been possible, the SPD would have appeared much more self-confident.” There should also be no alternative to a coalition.

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