Hungary’s law too “foreign interference” alerts the EU Commission

Hungary’s law too “foreign interference” alerts the EU Commission

Hungary has long been criticized for its lack of rule of law. The EU Commission is taking action again because of a new law.

The EU Commission is once again accusing Hungary of violating European law with a law and is therefore initiating proceedings. The Brussels authority announced on Wednesday that the law recently passed in Budapest to defend national sovereignty violates, among other things, the principles of democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of association. She therefore asked Hungary for a statement and thus initiated so-called infringement proceedings.

The law passed in December was a new one “Office for Sovereignty Protection” set up to monitor possible threats to Hungary from abroad. The existing ban on party financing from abroad has been extended to include clubs and other organizations. Those responsible for these organizations who attempt to conceal financial sources from abroad also face three years in prison.

If convicted, Hungary faces a fine

Hungary now has to respond to the allegations within two months. If the country cannot refute it, the EU Commission can take legal action against Hungary before the European Court of Justice. If convicted, the country would then face a fine if it continued to adhere to the law.

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It is not the first time that the EU Commission, which is responsible for compliance with EU law, has initiated proceedings against the country due to concerns about the state of the rule of law. In December, however, it also released ten billion euros in frozen funds for Hungary on the grounds that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had implemented the necessary reforms.

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