US elections: Scholz supports US President Biden

US elections: Scholz supports US President Biden

Chancellor Scholz speaks to citizens before his trip to the USA as a SPD member of the Bundestag. A boy asks him what would happen if Trump won the election.

Shortly before his trip to Washington, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) supported US President Joe Biden with a view to the presidential election in November. “The American President Biden is someone who has worked very hard for the cohesion of American democracy – and that’s why I believe that he has a chance,” said the SPD member of the Bundestag in Stahnsdorf near Potsdam during a conversation with citizens his constituency.

A boy had turned to him: “Good evening, Mr. Chancellor. My question is what would happen to Germany’s security if Trump came to power.” Former US President Donald Trump is considered Biden’s most likely challenger. “A really good question,” said Scholz, but added: “I don’t think we should act as if that is already certain.” The Chancellor also pointed out that Europe, the USA, Canada and other democracies have common values. In addition, the USA and Germany are in NATO and there is also the European Union. “A strong Europe is the most important national interest that we as Germans currently have.”

Upcoming trip to the USA

Scholz wants to talk to Biden on Friday in the White House about military aid for Ukraine, the conflict in the Middle East and the NATO summit in the summer. The primaries for the presidential election on November 5th have just begun in the USA, in which Biden wants to run again.

The Chancellor called for more commitment than military aid to Ukraine because of the Russian war of aggression. He pointed out that Germany, with around seven billion euros, accounts for more than half of the European commitment. “Others have to do more,” said Scholz. “We’re not big enough to do this alone.”

The SPD politician assured that he would also talk about peace as a goal. “We have also tried to find many diplomatic ways to move things forward,” said Scholz. He spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone several times. “We must not stop talking about the question of how can I achieve peace,” said Scholz. But it cannot be the case that Ukrainians are forced to sign that part of their country no longer belongs to them. “Diplomacy doesn’t mean where can I sign my surrender.”

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