Stars like Helene Fischer against the right: Whoever inspires many can also annoy many

Stars like Helene Fischer against the right: Whoever inspires many can also annoy many

Editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz writes about the feedback on the star-Title “Not with us”. Celebrities like Helene Fischer clearly positioned themselves against the right in the last issue. There was praise for this – but also headwind.

In our previous issue, a number of celebrities spoke out against extremism in politics. The singer wrote: “We must now defend our values ​​and our democracy and not leave the field to the anti-democrats… Do the right thing, go to the polls! For democracy and against the extremists.” This call received a lot of attention, Fischer and Co. received praise and encouragement. But sometimes it was said that they could easily express themselves so openly, that they had enough money and fans, in short: they weren’t risking anything.

But is that true? I would like to quote a few entries on the singer’s Instagram profile, where Fischer posted the star title. She was described there as a “system puppet”. “How much did you get for saying that?” Instagram users asked her or wrote: “It’s unbelievable that you are siding with a government that despises this country and its people and drives everything against the wall.”

The as if threatening: “The millionaires want it colorful? They get it colorful. At night at Alexanderplatz. Frankfurt’s train station district.” Krasnitz also linked to a tile with this content: “Celebrities who advocate colorfulness should move out of their luxurious apartments, houses and hotels and be relocated to Marxloh or Neukölln. For their sake. They want it colorful.” The AfD state parliament member Miguel Klauß posted on Facebook: “No matter whether Corona measures, vaccination or fight against the right. You can book celebrities. If you put yourself on the government website, there will also be orders from public broadcasting again. Helene wants to keep her Christmas show. So “The system works. Time to end it. Vote #AfD.” In addition, Klauss had that star– Cover photo posted, but falsified. He replaced the sentence “Not with us” with “You can hire us”.

Don’t think a demo or cover photo is enough

Of course, Helene Fischer won’t become impoverished because she shows attitude, just like the other people on our cover. But she is one of those artists whose audience includes many schools of thought. Anyone who inspires so many can also annoy many. The author and presenter Micky Beisenherz called Fischer’s appeal “first of all: committed to damaging business.” You could just acknowledge that first.

The phrase I saw most often in response on social media was: Wait and see what happens in the voting booth. I see such sentences more as a request: not to let up in our efforts to show how few solutions populists offer – until we no longer have to worry about them in the voting booth.

Of course, widespread support for extremists won’t disappear just because people take to the streets for a few weeks. We should not overestimate the initial declines in poll numbers for the AfD. But if large parts of the population protested against the alleged voice of the people, political consultant Johannes Hillje analyzes in the “Taz”, this would put the “Alternative for Germany” in need of explanation, because: “The AfD’s narrative that they represent a silent majority, cracks.”

And there are experiences, because the AfD didn’t happen overnight. When the Hanau attack in 2020 caused horror and outrage, approval for the party also fell. It rose again, but it took time. Maybe that’s the biggest incentive: not to give up again, not to think that one demo or one cover photo is enough. But to stand up for our democracy. , as it first appeared in star was called. This is the most effective means against everyone who acts against this democracy.

This week is dedicated to star in his cover story Because of Exhaustion.

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