Cannabis legalization: Bundestag decides on controlled release

Cannabis legalization: Bundestag decides on controlled release

Bubatz legal? At least partially. From April 1st, adults in Germany are allowed to plant and smoke weed – as long as they follow a few rules.

The Bundestag has decided on the controlled release of cannabis in Germany. Possession and cultivation of the drug should become legal on April 1st with numerous requirements for adults to consume themselves, according to a law passed by the traffic light coalition on Friday. 407 MPs voted for it, 226 MPs voted against it, and there were four abstentions. The law is expected to come before the Federal Council on March 22nd. It does not require approval, but the state chamber could in principle call the mediation committee with the Bundestag and slow down the process.

The far-reaching break in drug policy was controversially discussed until recently. Adults aged 18 and over should generally be allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal consumption. Three live cannabis plants should become legal in your own home and up to 50 grams of cannabis for personal consumption. Smoking weed in public spaces should be banned, among other things, in schools, sports facilities and within sight of them – specifically within 100 meters of the entrance area as the crow flies.

Non-commercial “cultivation associations” for adults should also be permitted, in which up to 500 members residing in Germany grow cannabis together and sell it to each other for their own consumption – a maximum of 50 grams per member per month. No later than 18 months after the law comes into force, an initial assessment should be available on, among other things, how it affects the protection of children and young people.

The SPD and the Left campaigned for release – opposition against it

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach promoted the plans. The current situation is “in no way acceptable,” said the SPD politician in the debate before the vote, with a view to the increasing number of users and “toxic concentrations” in cannabis from criminal drug trafficking. “The black market is the core of the evil.” Every fight against the black market is an important step towards protecting young people. Therefore, a legal offer should be created. At the same time, Lauterbach emphasized the planned stronger clarification. “We don’t trivialize.” Many young people do not know that cannabis consumption acts like a “brain poison” for the growing brain.

Green health politician Kirsten Kappert-Gonther said: “We are ending the harmful ban policy. We are releasing hemp.” This strengthens health and youth protection. The FDP specialist politician Kristine Lütke spoke of a “historical turning point” towards an approach that corresponds to social reality. With home-grown cannabis, consumers would know where it comes from. In addition, the path to a dealer and other, far more dangerous drugs becomes significantly longer.

The Union and AfD opposed the plans. “The protection of children and young people is nothing more than mere lip service in your law,” said CDU health politician Simone Borchardt. Doctors, police officers and psychotherapists and all state interior ministers warned against this. Cultivation at home cannot be controlled. CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt told the dpa that legalization would lead to more addiction, more social problems and less security, especially for young people. “This law cannot be controlled and is a gift for organized crime in Germany.” Jörg Schneider (AfD) warned of an “economic stimulus program for organized crime”.

Germany divided on cannabis issue

According to a survey, the general assessment of cannabis legalization shows a mixed picture. In a survey by the polling institute YouGov, 42 percent said they were somewhat or completely in favor of legalization. 47 percent said they would somewhat or completely reject it. 11 percent did not comment on this, according to the survey that was available to the German Press Agency on Friday.

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