Egoism in Europe: “Everyone fights for themselves,” warns Mölling

Egoism in Europe: “Everyone fights for themselves,” warns Mölling

The Europeans must coordinate more closely on Ukraine policy and act more decisively, demands military expert Christian Möllling. Otherwise it is of particular use to one person.

Security expert Christian Mölling complains that Europe is unable to find a common response to the situation in Ukraine. Mölling said on Friday star– “The situation – international”, at the Munich Security Conference there was no sense that the Europeans were coming together. “There was no European signal,” said the research director of the German Society for Foreign Policy. Nobody coordinated with anyone. Europe is “all in all a pretty fragmented place where everyone is fighting for themselves.” This is of benefit to the leadership in Moscow. He described the proposal as an “election campaign number” for Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who is aiming for a second term in office Appoint EU Defense Commissioner.

However, Mölling made it clear that, despite all the difficulties, he still saw an opportunity to help Ukraine liberate the country. “It is still possible,” said Mölling. However, “the options for action are becoming riskier – also for us.” For example, it involves handing over weapons and ammunition from stocks of the own armed forces.

Taurus delivery could be getting closer

He was cautiously optimistic about the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. “The highest sovereign, Parliament, has specified the business basis,” he said of the Bundestag’s resolution calling for extensive weapons systems for Ukraine. This gives Parliament the opportunity to demand concrete action from the government. “This is an attempt to put another ring around this government,” he analyzed. “You have to wait a few more weeks until it can bear fruit – not necessarily.” However, Mölling warned that the weapon’s effectiveness would decrease if it was delivered late enough to give Russia time to create alternative supply routes to Crimea.

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