Yemen: USA and Great Britain bomb Houthi positions again

Yemen: USA and Great Britain bomb Houthi positions again

The USA and Great Britain have attacked Houthi positions in Yemen. Underground weapons depots, missile depots, drones and other objects were apparently hit.

US and British forces have again attacked Houthi militia positions in Yemen. With the support of other countries, 18 targets of the Iran-backed militia were attacked in eight locations in Yemen on Sunday night, the US Department of Defense announced in Washington on Saturday. The USA and Great Britain are reacting to the Houthis’ ongoing attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. The Pentagon said the targets included underground Houthi weapons depots, missile depots, drones, air defense systems and radar systems.

There have been several joint British-American military strikes against the militia in recent weeks. According to their own statements, the Houthis are acting in solidarity with the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip and want to force an end to the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip by shelling merchant ships. These are a response to the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7th in the Israeli border area.

Source: Stern

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