Alexei Navalny: How did he die, Olga Romanova?

Alexei Navalny: How did he die, Olga Romanova?

Olga Romanova is convinced that Alexei Navalny was murdered. Few people know Russian prison camps as well as the journalist. In the interview she explains the evidence.

Olga Romanova, human rights activist and journalist from Moscow, is the founder of the organization “Russia behind bars”, which campaigns for the rights of Russian prisoners. Between 400,000 and 500,000 people are currently serving a prison sentence in Russia – that’s one of the highest numbers in the world when converted to the population. The camps are notorious: the prisoners are the Exposed to arbitrariness by the camp management, violence and torture are part of everyday life. Romanova, one of the best-known independent experts on the Russian penal system, had to leave the country in 2017 for political reasons. She has been living in Berlin since then.

The penal colony It is often said that IK 3 is particularly notorious. Had you heard of her before Alexei Navalny was brought there last November?
More than ten years ago, Platon Lebedev, a close business partner of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was in this prison camp.

Source: Stern

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