After the Berlinale scandal: criticism of Roth from party friend Beck

After the Berlinale scandal: criticism of Roth from party friend Beck

After anti-Israel slogans at the Berlinale, the Green Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth is under pressure. CDU vice-president Silvia Breher sees her as sharing responsibility, and the chairman of the German-Israeli Society calls on her to present a concept against anti-Semitism in the cultural sector.

The President of the German-Israeli Society and former Green MP Volker Beck has called on Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth (Greens) to present a concept against anti-Semitism in the cultural sector.

“Since the Documenta, there has been a lack of a cultural policy concept to combat anti-Semitism in the cultural sector,” Beck told the star. “For Jewish and anti-Semitic artists, the German cultural sector is anything but a safe space.” Beck sees another starting point for curbing anti-Semitism in the cultural sector: “It is time to clarify in funding law that no federal money is available for anti-Semitic concepts is provided. You have to hold the recipients of the funding accountable.”

The trigger was a director’s acceptance speech

The trigger for the latest scandal was an acceptance speech at the Berlinale awards ceremony, in which the American filmmaker Ben Russell spoke of a “genocide” in Gaza. Claudia Roth was present at the event and, according to a report in the “Bild” newspaper, was also said to have applauded.

In addition, several posts with anti-Semitic content are said to have been posted on the Instagram profile of the Berlinale section “Panorama”, an official channel of the festival. One also spoke of the “genocide” in Gaza, another called for “state terror financed by Germany” to be stopped. What was obviously meant was Germany’s support for Israel. After “Welt” journalist Frederik Schindler saw the Insta posts as After the screenshot was distributed on platform

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth at the Berlinale

The deputy CDU chairwoman Silvia Breher sees Claudia Roth as partly responsible for the incidents: “First the Documenta in Kassel, now the Berlinale: Claudia Roth does not have the growing anti-Semitism in the cultural sector under control,” Breher told the star. “She must now openly address everything that is wrong.” Breher calls for immediate, transparent clarification and processing “so that these anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incidents can finally come to an end.” Roth must position himself clearly. “Soothing words and hesitant actions have absolutely no place here.”

The deputy Union parliamentary group leader Doro Bär (CSU) made a similar statement: “Under this Minister of State for Culture, one anti-Semitism scandal follows the next,” Bär told “Welt”. “First the Documenta, then the resounding silence of culture after October 7, 2023, now the Berlinale. It is unbearable that one of the largest film festivals in the world is being exploited as an anti-Israel festival in the German capital of all places.”

Roth announces investigation

Roth himself spoke out on Monday and announced an investigation into the incidents. “Together with the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, and the Berlin Senate, who share responsibility for the Berlinale with us, we will now deal with the events at the Bear Awards,” said the Green politician. It should also be clarified “How can it be ensured in the future that the Berlinale is a place that is free from hatred, agitation, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Muslim hostility and any form of misanthropy.”

Source: Stern

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