Last generation sprays paint on the Chancellery and talks about it “Cry for help”

Last generation sprays paint on the Chancellery and talks about it “Cry for help”

Activists from the last generation smear the facade of the Federal Chancellery with paint. They want the action to be seen as a cry for help, demanding a change in policy.

In the early hours of Saturday, members of the Last Generation organized a protest event in Berlin and painted the lettering on an outside wall of the Federal Chancellery “HELP” applied.

As the group announced on the short message service X (formerly Twitter), the aim of the campaign was to achieve a quick policy change. “If we don’t raise our voices now, we have no future!”explain the activists. “Today the youngest of the last generation were at the Federal Chancellery with a clear message: They are screaming for help: We are young, we are desperate, we are afraid and we are angry”the posting on X summarizes the group’s motivation.

Last Generation Demo Call

The desire for more participation, feelings of powerlessness due to the current situation and frustration resonate in the words. “We have to watch people three times our age destroy our life plans. And for what? For a few rich people to become even richer and retain their power”writes the Last Generation.

Combined with a call to take part in the nationwide demonstration on March 16th, the group formulates via X: “Fight with us for a future worth living for future generations too.”

According to the Berlin police, 16 people between the ages of 13 and 16 were temporarily arrested to check their identities. Police operations were still ongoing on Saturday morning. The federal police have initiated an investigation on suspicion of damage to property.

About two years ago, in January 2022, the Last Generation began its campaign for radical climate change. There were also protests in museums, stadiums and ministries. The Berlin police alone counted 550 actions last year, and the capital’s public prosecutor’s office has now conducted 3,700 cases.

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