Terrorism: Ex-RAF terrorist Klette has an arrest warrant issued at the BGH

Terrorism: Ex-RAF terrorist Klette has an arrest warrant issued at the BGH

She is already in custody – for robbery. But Germany’s highest prosecutor, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, is also investigating Daniela Klette. Now that has consequences.

Former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette was brought to Karlsruhe on Thursday morning. This was said by a spokesman for the Verden public prosecutor’s office. The arrest warrant that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office obtained years ago is to be revealed to her before an investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice. It involves causing an explosive explosion and attempted murder in crimes in the early 1990s. According to a spokeswoman, membership in the RAF has now expired.

This doesn’t change anything for Klette’s pre-trial detention, where she is already. The spokeswoman for Germany’s highest prosecutor’s office said that over-arrest will be reserved. This is what it is called when someone is already in custody or in custody and an arrest warrant is still being issued. However, this will only play a role if something changes in the current pre-trial detention, obtained by the Verden public prosecutor’s office.

Klette is said to have carried out an explosive attack

Specifically, Klette is accused by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of having carried out an explosive attack on the Weiterstadt correctional facility under construction in Hesse in March 1993, together with the still wanted RAF terrorists Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg. The explosion caused damage to the building amounting to around 123 million German marks (63 million euros). Klette is also said to have attempted with other RAF members to carry out an explosive attack on a Deutsche Bank building in Eschborn in February 1990. The explosive did not detonate because the ignition failed. In addition, according to investigators’ findings, Klette and RAF members fired at least 250 shots at the US embassy in Bad Godesberg near Bonn in February 1991.

Klette was caught in Berlin at the end of February after more than 30 years underground. The Verden public prosecutor’s office is investigating several robberies against the 65-year-old. After the demonstration in Karlsruhe, it will be brought back to Lower Saxony.

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