Traffic light coalition: Scholz thought governing would be “less dramatic”

Traffic light coalition: Scholz thought governing would be “less dramatic”

It’s not easy to get three parties together, Olaf Scholz said in a talk show. Nevertheless, the head of government is more than satisfied with the coalition’s decisions so far.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz imagined governing would be easier with the traffic light coalition. “I would like to say that I had imagined it to be a little less dramatic,” said the SPD politician on the Radio Bremen talk show “3nach9”. It is difficult to bring three parties together. This was also shown by the ultimately failed coalition negotiations between the CDU, FDP and the Greens after the 2017 federal election. “That gave me a sense of what could happen to me.”

Scholz was annoyed that so much was being said about the traffic light processes and not about the results achieved together. “There hasn’t been this much speed, this many decisions for a long time. But it’s all obscured by the noise,” said the Chancellor. “This is something that is really depressing.” The coalition needs to praise itself more.

One example is migration policy, said Scholz. The coalition has made the most far-reaching decisions of the last 20 or 25 years, including on citizenship law, labor immigration and irregular migration. “This is a decision that was possible through a lot of work.” But instead of focusing on this, there is a discussion about which individual payment card regulations should be worked on for eight hours or two weeks.

The talk show will be broadcast tomorrow Friday from 10 p.m. on several third-party television programs, such as Radio Bremen and NDR. The talk show will no longer be edited after it is recorded.

Source: Stern

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