Climate crisis: New blockades: Last generation plans next wave of protests

Climate crisis: New blockades: Last generation plans next wave of protests

Last-generation activists have blocked drivers in many places as “climate glue.” Now they are switching to a different tactic.

After moving away from sticky blockades, the climate group Last Generation has announced new protests in ten cities for next Saturday. The group announced on Monday that “disobedient gatherings” were planned in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Regensburg, Munich and Rügen. These actions are intended to block sidewalks and streets with crowds. They should be “significantly more disobedient” than registered demonstrations, but “absolutely peaceful.” What exactly these meetings should look like and how long they will last remained unclear.

The group began road blockades a good two years ago to draw attention to the climate crisis and demand countermeasures. Activists usually stuck themselves to the road so that they couldn’t simply be carried away. There were also protests in museums, stadiums and ministries. The Berlin police alone counted 550 actions last year. The actions attracted a lot of attention, but also anger. Many activists were put on trial for coercion. The Neuruppin public prosecutor’s office is investigating the establishment of a criminal organization.

At the end of January, the Last Generation announced an end to the adhesive protests. Now the group appealed to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at a press conference in front of Bellevue Palace. This should point out the climate crisis in a speech to the nation and initiate a debate about immediate measures, including the immediate phase-out of all fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. Steinmeier is called upon to “bring honesty into our democratic debate.” In its statement, the group calls, among other things, for a wealth tax to finance climate protection and “fair rationing that puts a limit on overconsumption by the rich.”

It is time to speak uncomfortable truths: “Some things that are taken for granted today must come to an end.” The statement mentions private jets and domestic flights as well as a downsizing of the airline, car and chemical industries. If changes are not made, a “renewed fascism in Germany is possible”.

Source: Stern

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