AfD in the Bundestag: Probably more than 100 right-wing extremist employees

AfD in the Bundestag: Probably more than 100 right-wing extremist employees

Research by Bayerischer Rundfunk revealed that the AfD is said to employ more than 100 right-wing extremist employees in the Bundestag. They probably belong to groups of the right-wing extremist spectrum – some of them are even said to be neo-Nazis.

The AfD is said to have infiltrated more than 100 right-wing extremist employees into the Bundestag. This is the result of research by Bayerischer Rundfunk. Its editorial team has discovered that more people from the right-wing extremist milieu are said to be working for the AfD members of the Bundestag and the AfD parliamentary group than was previously known.

Some of the employees belong to organizations that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies as right-wing extremist. Among them are activists close to the “Identitarian Movement”, as well as theorists of the “New Right” and several true neo-Nazis. The employees work, for example, in the offices of MPs in Berlin, prepare meetings, write speeches and government inquiries.

In a corresponding report published on Tuesday, the BR relies on “internal lists of names” from the Bundestag and employee lists from the AfD parliamentary group, which it was able to view. The group strongly rejected the report and spoke of a campaign.

Various right-wing extremist groups

The BR’s research also shows: It is not clear how many people the AfD employs overall. The BR was able to identify around 500. These include people who took part in neo-Nazi marches in Chemnitz, Dortmund, Dresden, Magdeburg and Zwickau.

Some people in the AfD environment are said to be connected to Reichsbürger groups or the right-wing extremist prepper group “Endkampf”. According to BR, other employees have founded local Pegida branches and organized “lateral thinkers” demonstrations.

AfD: tax money for right-wing extremists

The party faction is entitled to more than 30 million euros per year for employees. The Vice President of the German Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens), told the broadcaster that employees with connections to right-wing extremist circles were a danger and that they wanted to undermine democracy from within.

Demonstration under the motto 'We are the firewall

The results of the research are “shocking”. One must consider whether enemies of the constitution who work in the Bundestag should continue to be paid with tax money. “We should change that. We can’t just let it go like this.”

Most AfD actors left BR’s inquiries unanswered. The group itself wrote that it would not comment for “reasons of data protection and the protection of personal rights”. In addition, the classification of a constitutional protection office is “fundamentally a pure measure of this respective authority” which does not have any “and certainly not ‘automatic’ legal effects” attached to it.


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