Pope Francis: Vatican is trying to limit the damage

Pope Francis: Vatican is trying to limit the damage

Pope Francis has received a lot of criticism for his recent statements. Now the Vatican is trying to put his statements into perspective.

After heavy criticism of an appeal for peace negotiations in the Ukraine war by Pope Francis, the Vatican is continuing to try to limit the damage. It is obvious that a just and lasting peace can only be achieved through the efforts of both warring parties, said Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” (Tuesday). “The first condition seems to me to be the end of the aggression,” said the Vatican’s chief diplomat.

In view of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which has been going on for more than two years, the head of the Catholic Church recently said in an interview: “When you see that you are defeated, that things are not going well, you have to have the courage to negotiate. ” When asked about calls for “the courage to surrender, to raise the white flag,” he replied: “It’s a question of perspective. But I think that the one who recognizes the situation, who thinks of the people, who has the courage of the white flag is stronger has to negotiate.”

Pope Francis calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine

Parolin said: “We must never forget the context and, in this case, the question posed to the Pope, who in his answer spoke of negotiations and, in particular, of the courage to negotiate, which never means capitulation.” The Holy See has been calling for a ceasefire for some time. However, the aggressors would have to stop firing first, emphasized the Vatican’s number two.

The Vatican is also concerned that the war in Ukraine could spread further. The head of the powerful State Secretariat said this meant new suffering, new grief, new victims and new destruction. He also warned of the risk of nuclear escalation. This is precisely why a diplomatic solution is so important.

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