Social media: Lauterbach has big goals on Tiktok

Social media: Lauterbach has big goals on Tiktok

The Federal Minister of Health is known for frequent statements on the X platform (formerly Twitter). Now he is also active on the Tiktok app, which is popular with young people – with big goals.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is now also active on the short video platform Tiktok. The SPD politician uploaded his first posts. He recently announced this and justified it in an interview on the “t-online” portal by saying that he wanted to create a counterweight to the AfD on the platform, which is particularly popular with young people.

“Revolution at Tiktok, it starts today,” said Lauterbach in his first video. He recorded this in the backdrop of the ARD program “Hart aber fair”. The author Sascha Lobo stood next to him, and presenter Louis Klamroth also appeared in the clip and interrupted Lauterbach: “Greetings to the Boomers, we’re doing the broadcast now,” he said.

Tiktok as a new challenge for Lauterbach

“I believe we cannot leave social media to the AfD,” said Lauterbach on the ARD show. “I have well over a million followers on Twitter, so it works there too – and why shouldn’t it be possible here?” Tiktok is clearly a special challenge, “because the video format means that a relatively clumsy sentence that is catchy works better than an explanation.”

Lauterbach appears there with the account @karl.lauterbach24, which he also promoted via his account on the platform X (formerly Twitter). The social democrat is very active there and speaks out frequently and on many topics.

Tiktok is the only internationally successful online platform that does not come from the USA. In the USA – as in Europe – there are concerns that the app could be used to collect information about users by Chinese authorities or for political influence. Governments of several countries and the EU Commission banned the use of Tiktok on work cell phones.

Minister uses private cell phone

When asked about this, Lauterbach told “t-online”: “I’m aware of that. And I definitely won’t use a work cell phone for this.” He is well versed in data security and takes appropriate precautions.

Tiktok always rejects concerns and emphasizes that it does not see itself as a subsidiary of a Chinese company. Bytedance is 60 percent owned by Western investors. The company headquarters are on the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Critics counter that the Chinese founders, with a share of 20 percent, maintained control thanks to higher voting rights and that Bytedance has a large headquarters in Beijing. There is currently a bill in the US Congress that could lead to Tiktok being banned from American app stores if the app remains in the possession of the Bytedance Group.

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