Christian Lindner and the FDP: This could lead to the traffic light breaking

Christian Lindner and the FDP: This could lead to the traffic light breaking

The FDP is in crisis. Christian Lindner wants to lead his party out of the death zone and is aiming for the summer. Will the traffic light break because of this?

Sao Paulo, Brazil. 30 degrees in the shade, 70 percent humidity in the air. Christian Lindner, wearing a dark blue suit and a tight-fitting tie, stands at attention in front of a few TV cameras. He doesn’t sweat. Not a bead of sweat covers his forehead.

What is a Brazilian 30 degrees compared to a German four percent? Lindner’s FDP has shrunk to this value in surveys. Four percent – ​​that’s just before “other”. Four percent – ​​that is the death zone.

At the end of February, Lindner traveled halfway around the world to meet with the finance ministers of the G20 countries. Brazil is supposed to be about the fair distribution of wealth. Of all things. He always emphasizes that earning comes before distributing. That’s why his message sounds no different here than at home: cut taxes, reduce bureaucracy. “Every country has its own reform agenda.”

Lindner’s agenda for Germany is called “economic transition.” He wants to use it to save the country from recession. And his FDP on the brink of disaster. If the economy is doing well, the liberals are doing well. Quite simple, theoretically.

“See you later,” Lindner ends his statement, grabs the briefcase that he has parked under a palm tree and happily walks away. It’s always hard to get it together with him. The location. And the mood. He always seems like someone who is very, very sure of himself. The man with the plan.

The man has a very practical problem: Can the liberals still be saved?

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