Society: “Marriage for all”: Thailand overcomes important hurdle

Society: “Marriage for all”: Thailand overcomes important hurdle

Thailand is considered extremely liberal when it comes to homosexuality and is popular with queer people from all over the world. Now gay marriage is to be legalized – this is still a rarity in Asia.

Thailand has overcome an important hurdle on the way to legalizing same-sex marriage: The lower house in Bangkok voted overwhelmingly in favor of a corresponding draft law. 400 of the 415 MPs present spoke in favor of “marriage for all”. This would make the kingdom the first country in Southeast Asia to give same-sex couples this right. The liberalization of marriage law has been discussed in Parliament since 2022.

Now the Senate has to agree, which rarely rejects laws that have already passed the lower house. Finally, the law must then be approved by the king before it can come into force.

Law not a panacea

In the country’s legal code, the words “men” and “women” as well as “husband” and “wife” are to be replaced by words such as “persons” and “spouse”. This gives LGBTQ+ couples access to all the legal, financial and medical rights of heterosexual couples.

The law is not a “panacea”, but it is a starting point for creating equality in Thai society, the Khaosod newspaper quoted Danuporn Punnakant, chairman of the relevant parliamentary committee, as saying. “We will help make history in Thailand.”

Until now, there was a civil partnership law in the country, but it did not include full legal marriage rights. Thailand is considered extremely liberal and open to transgender and homosexual people. It has long been one of the most popular travel destinations for queer tourists from all over the world. In Asia, only Taiwan and Nepal currently allow marriage for everyone. It has been approved in Germany since 2017.

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