North Korea claims to have tested new hypersonic missile

North Korea claims to have tested new hypersonic missile

The self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea tests its weapons almost every day. With its latest test, the country is pursuing a clear goal – much to the dismay of South Korea and the USA.

North Korea says it has made further progress in developing long-range hypersonic missiles to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. On Tuesday, the country tested a medium-range ballistic missile of the “new type” Hwasongpho-16B for the first time under the instructions of ruler Kim Jong Un, state media reported on Wednesday. The solid-propellant rocket was equipped with a newly developed hyper-fast glider as a warhead, which could also serve as a nuclear warhead, it said. The largely isolated country is subject to international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons and missile programs

Kim described the missile as “another powerful strategic offensive weapon.” With the successful test, North Korea also demonstrated that it could, in principle, equip all “tactical, operational and strategic missiles with different ranges” with solid fuel and nuclear warheads. The country’s stated goal is to be able to hit the enemy worldwide. North Korea considers the United States and South Korea to be its main enemies.

The self-proclaimed nuclear power’s most recent missile test was captured by South Korea and Japan. South Korea’s military spoke of a suspected medium-range missile. It flew about 600 kilometers before falling into the water between the Korean peninsula and Japan. Both countries condemned the test as a clear violation of UN resolutions that prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles of any range.

Tensions with North Korea are increasing

North Korea has been pushing ahead with the development of nuclear-capable missiles for years. The country also said it had already tested hypersonic missiles several times. Such weapons are particularly difficult to intercept because they travel more than five times the speed of sound and are maneuverable. When solid-fuel rockets are launched, the advance warning time is also shortened.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have increased significantly again. North Korea has tested missiles several times since the beginning of 2022. The USA and South Korea expanded their military cooperation.

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