Trapped in Gaza: How a Karlsruhe family fought to leave the country

Trapped in Gaza: How a Karlsruhe family fought to leave the country

Suddenly they are in the middle of the danger zone: the Tantish family from Karlsruhe is visiting relatives in Gaza when war breaks out there. She wants to go home. A log of the hardest journey of her life.

A courtyard in Germany, the sky is clear, birds are chirping. Father and son kick a soccer ball to each other. Ameer has set up his gate narrowly, half a meter between two garden sculptures, which seems age-appropriate for his four years. Opposite, Dad should cover the entire neighbor’s fence. Fadi Tantish lets one shot after the other whiz past him. His boy throws his hands up, jumps over the cobblestones, counts his lead with his fingers: 7, 8, 9 – 10: 4 for Ameer. Both laugh.

The sun is shining on this day at the end of March in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Karlsruhe district. But the shadow of war lies over the inconspicuous apartment building – over the childlike mind of Ameer, the voice of father Fadi, 36, the eyes of mother Haneen, 31, who was just rocking her one-and-a-half-year-old son Adam to sleep and was apathetic looked out the window. There is no fighter jet on the horizon outside. But when a door slams in the apartment, the Tantishes still flinch.

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