Survey: Every second German citizen against cannabis in the catering industry

Survey: Every second German citizen against cannabis in the catering industry

The sun is shining, cool drinks are tempting – and clouds of cannabis smoke are wafting through the beer garden. Some enjoy their new freedom, others are annoyed. How do German citizens feel about this?

Every second German citizen does not want cannabis smoke in the catering industry. When asked what rules the owners of beer gardens, cafés, bars or restaurants should set for the newly legalized drug, 48 percent said that cannabis “should not be allowed at all” in the catering industry. Another 14 percent are of the opinion that cannabis should only be allowed in certain places. This was the result of a survey by the opinion research institute Yougov on behalf of the German Press Agency.

17 percent agree with cannabis consumption in outdoor restaurants – for example in street cafes or beer gardens. 17 percent also say that innkeepers should allow their guests to smoke wherever cigarettes have already been smoked.

This is how the opinions of old and young differ

Older Germans are more likely to want a completely cannabis-free restaurant (59 percent of those over 55) than the youngest respondents (33 percent of young adults up to 24 are completely against it). And strikingly: men and women are almost in agreement on the topic of cannabis in the catering industry, in all age groups.

Since April 1st, adults in Germany have been allowed to grow, possess and consume cannabis in certain quantities. Restaurateurs can ban their guests from joints indoors and outdoors or in certain places, as the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) emphasizes. The landlords can make use of their property rights.

Cannabis smells either good or bad for German citizens

Every second German citizen is bothered by the typical smell of cannabis smoke. The distinctive herbaceous haze is “very unpleasant,” say 30 percent or “somewhat unpleasant” (18 percent). On the other hand, 14 percent of those surveyed liked the aroma: 8 percent answered “rather pleasant” and 6 percent answered “very pleasant”.

According to the federal government, the new cannabis rules aim to combat the black market and reduce health risks. When asked “Do you think these goals will be achieved?” Half answered “no” (31 percent) or “probably no” (18 percent). Almost a quarter of those surveyed (6 or 16 percent) are confident that the traffic light government will achieve or rather achieve its goal with cannabis legalization.

This is what those surveyed expect when it comes to distance rules

Cannabis consumption is still not permitted everywhere in Germany: it remains prohibited in playgrounds, within sight of daycare centers and schools and in pedestrian zones during the day. The question of whether consumers will adhere to these distance requirements divides German citizens: 45 percent expect this “for the most part” (14 percent) or “predominantly” (31 percent). 45 percent also expect this to be “mostly not” (24 percent) or “mostly not” (21 percent).

So many German citizens have their own experiences with cannabis

According to the survey, six out of ten German citizens (59 percent) have no experience with cannabis at all. Regular consumers are 2 percent, frequent consumers 5 percent. 10 percent used the drug “several times” and 19 percent “once or a few times.”

Source: Stern

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