Russian war of aggression: Vice Chancellor Habeck visits Ukraine

Russian war of aggression: Vice Chancellor Habeck visits Ukraine

Russia recently took out many Ukrainian power plants in Ukraine with massive air strikes. In this difficult situation, Habeck comes to visit.

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (Greens) arrived in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for a visit. He will be accompanied by a business delegation. The focus of the trip is Russia’s recent attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, emergency aid, strengthening the Ukrainian economy and economic relations with Germany. During his visit, the Economics Minister also wants to prepare the Ukraine Recovery Conference for Ukraine in Berlin in June.

Habeck: “And it is a fight for freedom”

Habeck said upon his arrival that the visit came at a time when Ukraine needed all support in its fight for freedom. “And it is a fight for freedom.” He added: “Yes, Ukraine is fighting for its own self-determination, for its territorial integrity against Putin’s aggression, but it is also fighting for the values ​​that unite and define Europe.”

Russia has recently increased its missile and bomb attacks on Ukraine. The attackers recently also switched off many Ukrainian power plants. At the weekend, the federal government announced that it would supply the country with another Patriot air defense system. Habeck said that in addition to military destruction on the front, Russian President Vladimir Putin was also targeting the civilian population.

Last visit a year ago

The Ukrainians impressed him with their ability to improvise during his last visit a year ago. “The situation is certainly challenging, but the Ukrainians have been able to hold their ground again and again over the last two years. And whatever Germany can do to support it, it will do so.”

Helmut Rauch, the head of the defense company Diehl Defense, which produces the Iris-T-SLM air defense system, accompanies Habeck. “Our long-term goal is of course that the systems can be maintained, repaired and the like on site in Ukraine,” said Rauch. So far, Diehl has delivered three systems to Ukraine. With the help of the system, Kiev is protected.

Solar energy is ideal for Ukraine

The President of the Federal Solar Industry Association, Jörg Marius Ebel, is also there. He sees a lot of potential for his industry in Ukraine. Solar energy is cheap and accepted and is also modular. “This means that it is also very, very suitable for future attacks because it cannot be threatened or even switched off in one fell swoop. It can be installed incredibly quickly and it can be stored, making it the ideal form of energy in Ukraine and generate electricity.”

Habeck wants to meet President Volodymyr Selenskyj, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economics Julia Svyrydenko and Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko in Kiev, among others. Habeck will then travel on to Moldova, where he wants to meet, among others, Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

Moldova is also threatened

The pro-Western leadership of the country aspiring to join the EU sees Moldova, which also borders Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia, under threat from Moscow. Since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began more than two years ago, tensions between Moldova and Transnistria have also increased. It was only at the end of February that the separatists asked Russia for protection “in view of increasing pressure from Moldova.” Observers accuse Russia of deliberately destabilizing the situation in the region with provocations. “Moscow’s aggression is also having a powerful impact on Ukraine’s neighbors,” explained Habeck.

Source: Stern

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