Terrorism: Attack on Bishop in Sydney: Police looking for rioters

Terrorism: Attack on Bishop in Sydney: Police looking for rioters

There were serious riots in Sydney after a knife attack on a clergyman. The police are frantically searching for those responsible. The young perpetrator is still not fit for questioning.

After the knife attack on a clergyman in Sydney and subsequent riots in front of the church, the police have called on the public to help find the rioters. “The sooner they are identified and brought to justice, the quicker action can be taken against them,” Australian broadcaster ABC quoted police chief Karen Webb as saying. One person involved, for example, had a very distinctive tattoo on his upper body, but “cowardly covered his own face” during the unrest.

More than 50 police officers were injured Monday evening trying to bring the angry mob back under control, Webb said. The 16-year-old attacker, who had recently attacked the bishop of the Assyrian community with a knife during a mass in the western suburb of Wakeley, is still being treated in hospital. The investigators have not yet been able to speak to him. However, they had already named “religiously motivated extremism” as a possible motive for the crime.

The act could be seen live on the Internet because the service was streamed. The bishop and at least one priest underwent surgery after the crime and, according to police, only survived by luck. The young attacker is said to have had at least one finger cut off – exactly how this happened is still unclear.

After the attack, there were chaotic scenes in front of the church, where a crowd of hundreds of angry people quickly gathered alongside rescue workers and police officers. The situation escalated and riots broke out. Even paramedics had to barricade themselves in the church for hours because they were threatened by the crowd. According to Webb, some of the rioters were not parishioners at all, but had just rushed to the church to cause a ruckus. “This is disgraceful and disgusting,” said the police chief.

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