After the parliamentary election: Croatia faces difficulties in forming a government

After the parliamentary election: Croatia faces difficulties in forming a government

Despite allegations of corruption, Croatia’s bourgeois HDZ party led by Prime Minister Plenkovic remains the strongest force. Head of state Milanovic, who wanted to become head of government for the Social Democrats, loses.

In Croatia, after the parliamentary elections, it is becoming difficult to form a government, which could also result in a shift to the right. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic’s bourgeois HDZ party remains the strongest force, but fell short of an absolute majority. Mathematically, the prime minister has no choice but to form a coalition with the third-placed right-wing nationalist party Domovinski Pokret (Homeland Movement), said political scientists quoted by the Croatian daily newspaper “Jutarnij list”. The left-liberal party spectrum also does not have a majority.

As the electoral commission announced after counting almost all ballot papers, Plenkovic’s HDZ party and its allies received 34.4 percent of the vote. This corresponds to 61 out of a total of 151 parliamentary mandates, five fewer than in the last election. The left-liberal opposition alliance Rijeke Pravde (Rivers of Justice), which is close to President Zoran Milanovic and led by the social democratic SDP, came in second with 25.4 percent of the vote (42 seats). The right-wing party Domovinski Pokret (Homeland Movement) took third place with 9.6 percent of the vote. She gets 14 mandates – two fewer than in the last election.

The green-liberal party Mozemo (We Can) got 9.1 percent (10 seats) and the conservative-right-wing populist alliance led by the Most (Bridge) party got 8.0 percent (11 seats). Both parties were able to improve their results. The official final result is expected to be announced next week.

Domovinski Pokret has already signaled its willingness to talk to the HDZ. Mozemo, in turn, promised to support a minority government led by the SDP. President Milanovic, a bitter political opponent of Prime Minister Plenkovic, will decide who will be given the task of forming a government.

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