Crime: More right-wing extremist crimes registered

Crime: More right-wing extremist crimes registered

The cases have “increased significantly,” said Interior Minister Faeser. She sees the AfD as partly responsible for the increase in numbers.

The authorities recorded more right-wing extremist crimes again in 2023. While, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 23,493 right-wing extremist crimes were registered in 2022, the number rose to 28,945 in 2023. “According to the police’s preliminary figures for 2023, we must assume that right-wing extremist criminal and violent crimes have continued to increase significantly,” said Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. The “Tageszeitung” (taz) had previously reported on the numbers.

The SPD politician also sees the AfD as having some responsibility here. She told the German Press Agency: “Those who, like the AfD and its supporters, are increasingly fomenting blatant racism and contempt for humanity have become louder in recent years.” This creates “a climate of resentment and violence, which also leads to more right-wing extremist criminal and violent crimes.” This “shared responsibility” must be clearly stated.

Faeser said that the aim of the new package of measures against right-wing extremism that she presented in February was to take away extremists’ income, take away their weapons, dismantle their networks and bring criminals quickly and consistently to justice.

Source: Stern

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