Foreign Minister: Iran is currently not planning a counterattack on Israel

Foreign Minister: Iran is currently not planning a counterattack on Israel

Iran describes Israel’s alleged attack in Isfahan as a “failed” attempt. However, he gives a clear warning to the enemy.

According to Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran is currently not planning a retaliatory attack against Israel. “As long as the Israeli regime does not plan new adventures against Iran’s interests, we will not respond,” Amir-Abdollahian said on Friday on the US news channel.

Explosions occurred in the Isfahan region of Iran on Friday night. US media reported, citing government sources in Washington, that Israel was responsible for the explosions. The detonations fueled fears of an expansion of the conflict in the Middle East. The foreign ministers of the G7 countries called on the parties to the conflict on Friday to avoid “further escalation”.

Iran warns Israel against further escalation

What happened on Friday night “was not an attack,” said the Iranian foreign minister in the interview with NBC News. “It involved the flight of two or three multicopters, which correspond to the toys that our children use in Iran.” But if Israel tries to carry out “another act against our interests,” Iran will respond “immediately and to the maximum,” Amir-Abdollahian continued.

Iran had previously said the explosions were not the result of a foreign attack. A spokesman for the space agency said it was a “failed and humiliating attempt” to fly drones over the region, which were successfully shot down.

US television channels, citing government circles in Washington, reported that it was an Israeli retaliatory action for Iran’s massive attack on Israel last weekend. A source in the US Congress confirmed the information. Israel did not comment on the events. According to observers, both sides are exercising restraint so as not to further inflame tensions.

Israel had previously warned that it would respond to last weekend’s major Iranian attack, which was the first time Israel had been directly attacked by Iran. Iran is a key supporter of the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas and the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon. Israel has been taking massive action against the Palestinian organization in the Gaza Strip since Hamas attacked the country on October 7th.

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